Enjoy a wide range of painting and coating solutions from the world leading manufacturers, including liquid and powder coating systems, contractor equipments and many more.


High Performance Coatings and Foams

With the outcome of new coating materials for various applications, advanced equipment and machines for applying such coatings are developed.

Contractor Equipment

Complete selection of professional equipment is available to the contracting and construction industries, including Electric and mobile airless systems for building industry.

Combi Spray Booth

This range of product is a low cost solution for refinishing market which fits in almost any workshop and complies with Health and Safety standards.

Powder Painting / Coating

Sytraco is capable of supplying the whole range of powder coating equipment including automatic and manual spray units, spray walls, booths and recovery systems.


From high performance spray gun for car refinishing to high quality electrostatic system, from air spray to air assisted airless packages, we have the right equipment for you.

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