We provide complete finishing solution. The ease of use for the operator and the large offering of models is a key feature of our manual product range. From high performance spray gun for car refinishing to high quality electrostatic system, from air spray to air assisted airless packages the choice is extensive. We therefore have the right equipment for the right application.

Our target is to offer our clients automatic or manual solutions that give them savings in material consumption and excellent surface finishing without rework. Final outcome is efficiency and quality improvement on the manufactured products.

Our high end finishing solutions include full robotic application for the automotive and general industry utilizing the highest technology in high tech atomizers and fast color changing.Sytraco provides finishing solutions for all types of wood, metal and plastic applications. Suggested applicators, pumps, packages and plural component equipment improves productivity, reduces paint usage costs, lowers emissions and provides consistently better finishes.

Industries served are automotive exterior and interior painting, plastic parts manufacturers, wood industry, furniture and sports equipment, construction material to name among a few.




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