Sytraco offers a complete range of air compressors to meet your business requirements, from different types of compressors to filters and fittings.

Sytraco is the dealer of Dalgakiran compressors in the region.


Portable Compressors

Mobile compressors are designed to provide exceptional performance even under extreme conditions. They are the ultimate product of novel engineering concept

Screw Compressors

Screw compressors are designed to serve you trouble-free operation for long-life time and each components are selected carefully in accordance with this purpose.

Tank Mounted Compressors

With a simplified, easy-to-maintain structure and with long-life components, a trouble-free operation is provided through these simple compressors.

Variable Speed Compressors

Variable-speed compressors offer lower energy cost and power surges, and deliver a more constant pressure. These are designed for your special business needs.

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