We offer our customers a full range of comprehensive integrated solutions in terms of Industrial painting plants, elctrical, robotis and automation, material handling systems and conveyors, paint circulating systems, paint temperature conditioning and monitoring and sealer and mastic applications. We provide tailor-made industrial process engineering, turnkey paint and metal finishing systems, as well as fabrication and construction services. We have professional experience with a wide range of industries, including automotive assembly and components, aerospace and defense, agricultural and off-road equipment as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEM).


Industrial Painting Plants

We have developed expertise and know how to offer our customers turnkey projects in a volatile and unpredictable invironement according to demands.

Material Handling and Conveyors

Customer requirements and seeking to provide the best solution to meet these needs, has led us to the deployment of state of the art conveyor systems and equipment.

Paint Temperature Conditioning/Monitoring

We Provide systems for conditioning and monitoring of paint temperature which maximize energy consumption depending on season and climatic situations.

Electrical, Robotics and Automation

This unit is a specialized engineering group in robotics and automation. Comprising of multi-disciplinary experts, we provide customers with state-of-the-art engineering solutions.

Paint Circulating Systems

We provide systems for various paints; water or solvent borne and with different levels of viscosity. This will give our clients a more clear paint stations and better working conditions.

Sealer and Mastic Application

We provide solutions according to customer demands for bonding, sealing, metering, vacuum encapsulation, potting, gasketing and laminating with different materials.

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